festivitati toca roba

«Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion».

G. W. F. Hegel

   Graduation ceremony organized «by the book»! This is what we do.

   And our advantage in trying to convince you of this is just the quality of our products and services.

   We are not scarifying quality when it comes to a graduation ceremony so, every year, we offer new caps and robes for you to be sure that you will have an impeccable outfit. And, without modesty, our company can be proud of the excellent organization of hundreds of graduation ceremonies for faculties and high schools, organized down to the smallest details.

   In those busy days you need a serious, dynamic and punctual team that is always one step ahead in terms of organizing this special event.

   We are that team because your desires are our objectives!

We offer you the following services:

  • cap and robe
  • custom scarves
  • graduation diplomas
  • invitations for teachers
  • filming the ceremony and the banquet
  • photographs
  • sound
  • graduation albums
  • floral arrangements and flowers for graduate students
  • organizing banquets

The festive attire specific for the graduates can be customized as each faculty wishes.

The robe is black, the cap is black with ribbon and tassel of choice, the scarf is customized (contains the logo of the institution and the final year). The scarves color is of your choice. The cap is kept as a souvenir. The robe is rented at moderate prices or you can keep it for life. You choose!

We honor commands across the country!

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